Gift Shop & Cafe on Whitby's West Cliff

Wild Things

The company had its origins way back in 1970s Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley California. The Avenue was a daily cornucopia of handmade crafts, from porcelain puppets to fork, spoon and feather adornments: from leather belts to fine jewellery. You could buy an acre on the moon, a stained glass lamp, a batik jacket, a hand-woven scarf - or a crystal to hang in your window. You could have your palm read to the sound of the conga players. You could even buy a holographic brooch from the founder of this company! Hand made upstairs from Moe's Books - Moe kindly letting us store our street display in a cupboard.

A long, convoluted story moving between Bow, East London, Toronto, Leamington Spa, Brighton... the Enterprise Allowance (remember that?)... holography, a decidedly strange cast of characters...

Fast forward to 2018.

We are lucky enough to be Exeter-based in beautiful Devon. We have a fantastic team of homeworkers who produce most of the products we sell, the majority of which incorporate Swarovski® crystal. We supply re-sellers throughout the world, including overseas distributors, shops, mail order companies etc.

We also design and import our hand made and painted Art of Glass range, and distribute Bryon Allen's Mandala Arts window stickers.

We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service!

Wild Things Crystals